In this episode, the guys talk about the Coronavirus Pandemic, manscaping and other useless crap. 

In the episode, the guys Wax Alex’s nose, they play What’s in My Pickle, and then some other fun stuff.

In this episode, the guys try different types of hot sauces and exchange Christmas gifts. Also, the first World Exclusive TNA Drinks Song debuts. Plus, more of their shenanigans.


In this episode, the guys make a Thanksgiving feast from items they find at 7-11 and the Dollar Tree. Alex tells a prank that Tommy played on him. Nick tells a story about his car troubles. Also, they talk about other interesting things.

In this episode, they discuss why stupid people become famous, they taste the new Impossible burger from Burger King, and finally the try two limited donuts from Krispy Kream.

In this episode, Tommy and Alex talk about their trip to Las Vegas. Nick, tells some funny stories about what happened to him recently. Also, the guys play a game called Name That Song Backwards.

In this episode, the guys taste Pop Smoke Hot Sauce from Willy Petes Chocolates and they taste Maple Bacon Jerky from Savage Jerky Company. They talk about their driving test. Tommy tells about a dream he had. Tommy and Alex try to come up with a name for Nick's new kid, that is on the way. Also, they tell more funny stories and talk about more random topics. 

In this episode, the guys talk about how crazy and outrageous Political Correctness is becoming. They review Taco Bells Reaper Fries. Tommy, explains what he thinks about the new Cats Trailer. Also, they tell more of their hilarious stories.

In this episode, The Guy's tell more of their shenanigan stories. Also, Alex talks about his drunken uber stories.

In this Episode, the guys talk about their experiences at Makers Faire and shopping at an Amazon Go store. Alex tells a time he bought something for a pornstar. Nick, Tommy, and Alex tell stories about getting hurt.

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